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There have been restrictions on the self-service hours in the Mukkula Library from December 16, 2022.  Because of the restrictions, the self-service hours have not been available on weekends.

The Mukkula Library self-service hours are not available in the evenings. The self-service hours are only available in the mornings before the normal service begins and on weekends until 15:00. On weekdays the library closes after normal service hours: on Mondays and Tuesdays at 19:00, on Wednesdays at 16:00, on Thursdays and Fridays at 15:00. The self-service hours begin every day at 6:00.

The decision to restrict the self-service hours is due to customers behaving in an inappropriate manner, breaking library rules. There has been continual vandalism in the library, facilities have been damaged and big bunches of people have crowded the library spaces. This kind of behaviour may pose a threat to other customers and to the library building. In this situation, it is necessary to tighten the restrictions.

The restrictions will be in force until March 22.

Self-service hours in the Renkomäki Library will begin on Thursday, February 2. After that, it is possible to get in the library every day from 6:00 to 22:00.

During the self-service hours you can access the library with a library card and a PIN code. Tap your card at the card reader at the library entrance and then enter your four-digit PIN code. The libray staff will give you advice on how to use the card reader at the entrace and also on how to use the library’s self-check-out and return stations.

During the self-service hours there is no staff present to serve the customers. However, you can borrow and return material at the self-service stations, do your homework, study or work. The self-service hours also offer library customers an excellent opportunity to get together and organize different activities, for example handicraft, discussion or game-playing groups.

The library’s multifunction device for printing, copying and scanning is not available during the self-service hours.

You should not let other people access the library as you log in without their logging in themselves. The customer whose card was used to enter the library is responsible for those who get in. The same library rules apply during the self-service hours as at other times: bullying, damaging library material and equipment and all kinds of vandalism are forbidden.

Renkomäki library is bright. There are several different places in the library where you can sit and read.

Renovations in the Lahti Main Library return area began on December 2022. A temporary return desk can be found in the lobby, near the front doors of the library. You can leave your returns at the temporary return desk. However, if you borrow material, renew your loans or pay library fees, you have to go to the customer service desks. Borrowing material is also possible by using the self-check-out stations.

Generally, the renovation work takes place on weekdays between 7:30 and 15:00.

The renovation in the return area is now progressing as planned. The new return station will be installed during March.

The Main Library is open as usual during the whole renovation.

(Follow the information on this site. Updated 10.3.)

Under construction!

The Renkomäki Library has been opened in the new multi-purpose building, Aura, at Orimattilankatu 103.

The library is easy to find because its entrance is right next to the Orimattilankatu road. Library customers may use the parking lot that can entered from the Lakkilantie road.

The new library is light and spacious. In the library you will find spaces such as a periodicals reading room, a multi-purpose space, a reading room for children and a sound-proof working space. In addition, there are several groups of chairs for reading and spending your time. Patrons may book the multi-purpose space for meeting or getting together. The spaces may also be used during self-service hours.

Library hours:

Mondays and Tuesdays 13:00-19:00
Wednesdays and Thursdays 10:00-17:00
Fridays 10:00-15:00

The library will have self-service hours. However, all technical solutions for this were not ready before the library was opened. The matters are being solved and the self-service hours will be available as soon as possible.

Since the summer of 2020, the Renkomäki Library had been operating in a temporary location connected to the Renkomäki School. In 2020 the old library was pulled down and the construction of the Renkomäki multi-purpose building began on the same site.

Kirjastossa on lasten lukuhuone, jossa voi lukea ihan rauhassa suljetun oven takana.

The Mukkula library is closed from 17th to 28th of August due to its move. The library opens in a new location at Tuhtokatu 2 A on Monday 29th of August. Self-service hours are available at the new location. The library will stay at this location until the new community centre of Mukkula will be opened at 2027.

Some of the library materials loaned from Mukkula library have extended loan periods starting from 20th  of July.

Library’s service hours

Monday and Tuesday 13:00–19:00
Wednesday 10:00–16:00
Thursday and Friday 10:00-15:00

Self-service hours every day from 6 am to 22 pm.

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There have been changes in the Lastu library rules. The new rules came into effect on 1 April. The essential change applies to our invoicing practices for material that has not been returned. From now on, the customers will be charged €3 if they have to be sent a second overdue notice.

The first overdue notice will be sent when the material is 7 days overdue (for reserved material and for material in the express collection 1 day after the due date). As before, there is no charge for the first overdue notice. The second overdue notice will be sent 21 days after the due date (for reserved material and for material in the express collection 14 days after the due date). A €3 reminder fee is charged for the second overdue notice. The fee will be automatically added to the customer’s library account.

The second overdue notice mentions that if the overdue items are not returned, an invoice will be sent next. After the two overdue notices, the invoice is sent when the material is 49 days overdue.

Overdue fines, the reminder fee (€3) and a billing fee (€10) will be added to the customer’s library account when the invoicing takes place. Customers can pay the fees either in the library or online through the library’s website by logging in to their library account. The invoice specifies the replacement fees for the material not returned. Material can no longer be returned after the invoice has been sent even if it were found. Before the invoice has been sent, returning the material is possible.

The intention of this change has been 1) to get overdue material returned sooner and 2) to reduce the work required and the expenses caused by material returned only after an invoice has been sent. With this change, customers have more time than before to return their items before an invoice is sent.

When updating the library rules, we have paid attention to making the text comprehensible.

Read the library rules in full (the link opens to a new tab).

There have been changes in the Lastu library rules. The new rules came into effect on 1 April.