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The epidemic situation in Päijät-Häme is still difficult. Libraries will be allowed to stay open under current restrictions. However, it is still very important to follow hand hygiene guidelines, wear a mask and stay at home if you feel even slight symptoms of a respiratory infection.

By paying special attention to customers keeping a safe distance from each other and wearing face masks, the libraries will see to it that library visits are as safe as possible. At the moment, it is estimated that the recommendations and restrictions concerning libraries will last until June 30, 2021.

The libraries are open and so you can visit any public library in Lahti. Some of the spaces in the libraries have been closed. Staying in the periodicals reading rooms for more than 15 minutes is not allowed. The rooms for recreational activities and the group study rooms in the Main Library have been closed.

There are no self-service hours at the Ahtiala, Jalkaranta, Liipola, Kärpänen and Mukkula branch libraries. That means you cannot enter these libraries with your library card and PIN code before or after the service hours. The branch libraries are open as shown on our website.

For the time being, mobile libraries operate as usual but they can be used by one customer at a time.

You can only visit the libraries during their service hours. Check the opening hours on our website.
• Make your visit short. Do not stay more than 15 minutes.
• You may borrow and return items and go to shelves to select material.
• You may use the public computers. The recommended time limit is 15 minutes.
• You may print, copy and scan necessary documents on the library’s multifunctional device.
• You may borrow magazines but newspapers are not available.
• You may not stay in the library to read newspapers, magazines or books, to study, work or spend your time.
• You are strongly recommended to wear a mask during your stay in the library. Wear a mask unless you have medical reasons not to do so.
• Always use hand sanitizer when you enter the library. Hand sanitizer is available in several places near the entrance doors.
• Avoid physical contact with others and always keep a safe distance (2 meters) from other customers and the staff.
• Use the self-service check-out and return stations.
• Group visits to the library have been cancelled. We try to provide services for schools and day-care centers digitally.

Wear a mask when visiting us.

For the time being, the mobile libraries Eepos and Pegasos operate as usual. To be able to continue serving our customers in the mobile library, we hope that you will cooperate with us.

The mobile libraries have a tight route schedule. To stay on schedule, we hope customers make their visits short. Our strong recommendation is that the material is reserved beforehand, and that the reserved material is then picked up from the mobile library. You can reserve material in the Lastu web library or by e-mail

We understand and are happy to know that visiting a mobile library is an important experience for the children of the family. In this situation, however, we hope that from each family only one person at a time would visit the mobile library. This is due to our health and safety policy and the tight route schedule.

It is important to remember:

  • visit a mobile library only if you are healthy
  • follow good hand hygiene practices
  • wear a mask, unless you have medical reasons not to do so
  • keep a safe distance

Welcome to the mobile library stops!

Timetable Pegasos (FIN)

Timetable Eepos (FIN)

We recommend using a face mask in all Lahti libraries from 16 November. The recommendation is due to a change in the corona pandemic situation.

Libraries also continue to follow other safety instructions

The Päijät-Häme Welfare Group also recommends that we all reduce close contacts outside the family, pay attention to safety distances and take care of good hand and cough hygiene.

These safety guidelines are still valid in libraries:

  • Only come to the library if you are healthy. Do not come to the library if you have even the slightest symptoms of the disease.
  • Keep a safety distance of at least one meter from other customers and staff.
  • If you cough of sneeze, sneeze into your sleeve or a paper handkerchief. Throw the used handkerchief in the trash.
  • Use antiseptic hand rub when entering the library and when using the library's computers or other devices.
  • Keep your visit to the library as short as possible.

Wear a mask when visiting us.