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Door renovation at the Nastola Library will be completed sooner than expected. Therefore, the normal library entrances and services will be available in the week beginning July 15.

The Nastola Library’s renovations this summer caused changes to the the Library’s entrances and services. In the beginning of July, a snow recess was built at the front door of the Library to prevent problems caused by snow to the operation of the doors in winter.

The renovation, which was expected to take the whole of July, has been completed sooner than expected. So, the Library’s entrances and services will soon be in normal use. From July 15, the Library can again be entered through its own front door. The Library’s self service hours will be available again from July 17. The self-service hours will be available every day from 6:00 to 22:00.

Nastola Library has a more functional front door for the winter. 

Additional information:

Lahti City Library, Terhi Lehti, Head of Library Services, Branch Libraries, tel. 044 483 1513

Since the end of June, the Ellibs service has no longer been among the services at the Lastu libraries. Replacing Ellibs as the e-book service, library customers can now use E-library, a joint service of Finnish public libraries, which was opened in the spring.

Lastu libraries have terminated the Ellibs e-book service as the joint E-library was opened. The Ellibs service is no longer available to Lastu library customers.

From now on, the E-library can be used by our customers. More material will be continually added to the service. Lastu library customers can borrow e-books and e-audiobooks and read digital replicas of Finnish magazines using the E-library application, which can be downloaded from the App store of your mobile device.

a person reading an e-book

You will find more detailed information about the e-materials on our web pages: E-materials at the Lastu libraries

The renovation works at the Nastola Library will cause changes to the library's entrances and services in the summer.

In July, a snow recess will be built at the front door of the Nastola Library. The aim is to prevent problems caused by snow to the operation of the doors in winter. The renovation will start Monday, July 1, 2024, and it will last approximately four weeks.

During the renovation, the library's self-service hours are not available.

The library is open according to the service opening hours:
Mon, Tue and Thu from 13:00 to 19:00 and Wed and Fri 10:00 to 17:00.

You can enter the library through the main door of the Loisto multipurpose building. The door is located on the same side of the building as the library’s front door. Signs guiding you to Loisto’s main door can be found in front of the library.

The renovation is expected to be completed and the self-service hours will be available no later than Monday, July 29, 2024.

Additional information:

Lahti City Library, Terhi Lehti, Head of Library Services, Branch Libraries, tel. 044 483 1513

between 1 July and 14 July 2024,
Lahti City Library, Johanna Mattila, Head of Library Services, Procurement and Logistics, tel. 044 416 3228

A new green oasis will soon flourish in the yard of the Laune Library because gardening boxes have been brought to the yard as part of the Nature-positive Lahti project.

The Lahti City Library encourages inhabitants of Lahti to be nature positive and for its part, the Library tries to bolster Lahti as an environmental city by making the city greener.  There are now two gardening boxes in the yard of the Laune Library. Lahti residents can grow their own plants in these boxes. Green, urban gardening is a part of a more comprehensive Nature-positive Lahti project, which aims to increase the diversity of nature in the city and make the city greener.

­– The yard of the Laune Library has a new look as gardening boxes have been placed there for Lahti residents. This communal green solution provides local residents with the opportunity to actively participate in the care of urban nature and at the same time enjoy plants they have grown themselves, tells Terhi Lehti, Head of Library Services at the Lahti City Library.

The Library’s yard project, implemented within the framework of the Nature-positive Lahti project, is one of the many measures that aim to improve the quality of life of Lahti residents and enhance sustainable development.  An example of what the project has undertaken earlier is that it has made it possible to increase vegetation in the yards of day care centres. This has led to very positive feedback.

Additional information:

Lahti City Library, Terhi Lehti, Head of Library Services, Branch Libraries, tel. 044 483 1513

Activating Indoor and Outdoor Game Backpacks Available for Everyone in the Lahti Libraries This Summer.

The Age Institute provides the Lahti City Library with backpacks full of games and other material to boost your vitality and facilitate indoor and outdoor activities. The backpacks can be borrowed from the Library.

In the Lahti region, there are already more than ten groups involved in the Together in the Neighbourhood Project. In these groups the inhabitants of Lahti can plan different activities to be carried out for example in the recreational facilities or the yards of their apartment houses. In the backpacks you will also find a guide on how to get started with the Together in the Neighbourhood activities.

– We hope that these backpacks will inspire residents of all ages, older people as well as families and groups of friends, to spend time together. In the summer, people are interested in yard games and expect to get instructions for outdoor exercise activities. It’s great that the Library makes it possible the Together in the Neighbourhood backpacks can be borrowed, says Jukka Murto, Together in the Neighbourhood Project Coordinator at the Age Institiute.

Suvi Haikola, Head of Library Services at the Lahti City Library, is also happy about the donation and thinks the game backpacs are well-suited to the Library’s collection.

– The game packpacks are a nice addition to the sports equipment and games the Library already offers, says Haikola.

The loan period for the game backpacks is two weeks.

Additional information:

Suvi Haikola, Head of Library Services, Lahti City Library, 044 416 3239

Read more about the Age Institute and Together in the Neighbourhood Project here.
Jukka Murto, Age Institute Coordinator, 040 552 7100 /  

The main library's summer schedule begins on June 1st.

During June, July, and August, our hours will be as follows:

  • Monday to Friday: 8 AM - 7 PM, with self-service from 8 AM - 10 AM
  • Saturday: 10 AM - 4 PM, with self-service hours
  • Sunday: Closed

lahti harbour lahden satama

Starting June 1. 2024, there will be changes to the parking time limits at the Main Library's customer parking area.

To increase turnover in the parking spots, the two-hour parking spaces will be changed to one-hour spaces. The thirty-minute parking spots will remain the same. The goal of these changes is to promote more efficient parking.

Customer parking spots at the Main Library from June 1, 2024:

  • One-hour parking spaces
  • Thirty-minute parking spaces

Please note that parking is only permitted for those visiting the Main Library.

For more information:
Petri Neuvonen, Building Maintenance Manager
Tel. 044 483 1975

parking sign pysäköintimerkki

National E-Library opened on April 29, 2024 and it's now available to library customers.

The National E-library is a joint service for Finnish municipalities. It is provided by the National Library of Finland together with Finnish public libraries. Via this service customers can borrow e-books, e-audiobooks and Finnish digital journals. New material is being added to the E-library all the time. So, there will be something new to read and listen to every week.

The E-library is available through an E-library application, which can be installed on mobile devices. E-library applications can now be downloaded from app stores. The service is safe and free of charge. To register in the service for the first time, strong authentication is required. You need Finnish bank credentials to use the service.

Read more about the National E-library from National Library of Finland's website.

kaksi nuorta kuuntelee e-kirjaa

The selection of musical instruments in the main library's hobby rooms has been expanded with an electronic drum kit.

The Main Library collection of musical instruments has been expanded. We have acquired a set of Roland electronic drums, which emulate the feel of playing acoustic drums.

You can play the electronic drums in the piano room 4. The piano room can be reserved via the Timmi booking system. Read more about the rooms for recreational activities and how to reserve them at (opens to a new window).

Electronic Drum kit

We also have some additions to the collection of sports equipment that can be borrowed. The library now has new equipment that may tempt our customers to go hiking or doing other physical exercise outdoors. The sports equipment in the library has been provided by the Lahti City Sports Services.

”Last autumn the Lahti Sports Services conducted a survey on what sports equipment our customers would wish to have. It’s great that we now have frisbee golf discs, for example,” says Suvi Haikola, Head of Library Services.

The Main Library Auditorium floor, which had been damaged by microbes, has been repaired, and the Auditorium can be used again.

According to Salla Palmi-Felin, Director of Library Services, library events and group visits will be moved to the Auditorium during the spring, whenever possible.

”When planning events for next autumn, we’ll take into consideration that the Auditorium can be used again for library events, and we can also accept reservations from other event organizers. Reservations can be made via the Lahti City website at”

The Main Library Auditorium has been out of service since August 2023. When a dampness and indoor air survey was conducted, It became apparent that there was a need to renovate the Auditorium floor.

The dampness and indoor air survey was conducted to form a basis for the Main Library renovation project. It is estimated that the Main Library renovation will begin no later than 2028. At first, measures will be taken to make sure the Library will remain available.

In addition to the repairs of the Auditorium floor, the measures first taken include a more efficient ventilation. In the summer of 2024, a few other technical repairs will also be carried out in some areas of the Library. If the repairs have a significant effect on how the library spaces can be used, customers will be informed of the situation.

A working group targeting the Main Library indoor air quality follows the City’s indoor air operating model. According to the estimate of the working group, the indoor air quality in the Library is stable. You can get acquainted with the Lahti City indoor air operating model at the City’s website, at

The Main Library Auditorium

Additional information

Lahti Tilakeskus, Jussi Hietala, indoor air expert,, 044 482 6222
Salla Palmi-Felin, Director of Library Services,, 050 559 4098

The Lastu libraries have acquired Cineast, a film streaming service. The service is free of charge for library patrons. However, a Lastu library card is required. You can log in to the service with your library card number and PIN code.

At the moment, the Cineast collection has more than 1500 films for adults and children, and new films are added to the collection every week. The versatile collection has films from several countries, including Finland, and documentaries, too. The collection has plenty of films for children. The service has an age limit verification system, which prevents children from watching a film rated above their age limit. 

It is possible to browse the collection via menu options, for example by genre, language, year or age limit. You may also use keywords to search for films. The front page shows a number of recommended films. Among these are films from different genres and films by some notable directors.

You can log in to the service at You may borrow five (5) films per month. A film that has been borrowed is available for 48 hours. During this time you can watch the film as many times as you want. The service is available via the web browser or by downloading the Cineast mobile app from your mobile device’s app store. The films can be watched on television with Chromecast or Apple TV AirPlay.

Stream movies with your libary card.
1) Get started. Go to on your computer or tablet and select your library.
2) Pick a move. Confirm the loan with your library card number and pin.
3) Enjoy the movie. Your loan is now activated, and you can start enjoying the movie, available for 48 hours.

The Nastola Library has acquired a Framery office pod, a soundproof working booth. The office pod is meant for no more than two people at a time and it is meant for patrons wishing to have a quiet place to work or study. The space may be used during the library’s service hours and also during the self-service hours.

How to reserve the sound proof space

You can use the sound proof working space after you have reserved it via the Timmi booking system. To use the space during the library’s self-service hours you have to first access the library with your library card and PIN code.

You can reserve the sound proof space via the Timmi booking system. You can log in to the Timmi system with e-identification or with your library card and PIN code. Using the system is simple. However, you can ask the library’s customer service for help and guidance in making a reservation.

The Lastu libraries have acquired a music streaming service focused on jazz music, Naxos Music Library Jazz. In addition to music recordings, the service has other material, such as curated playlists.

You can access the service with a Lastu library card number. The service can also be used with an NML Jazz App. You can search for music by using a search box or browse the collection for example by performer, record company or genre.

FC Lahti, which plays in the highest Finnish football league, has donated six season tickets to the Lahti City Library. The season tickets can be borrowed from the Main Library and the Nastola Library. The season tickets give free access to all FC Lahti home games. The season tickets have a loan period of one week and they cannot be renewed of reserved. The tickets must be returned to the library location where they were borrowed. One person may not borrow a season ticket more than three times during the season.

FC Lahti’s game schedule can be found at (the page is only in Finnish).

Kirjastopalvelujohtaja Salla Palmi-Felin vastaanottaa kausikortin FC Lahden pelaajalta. Kuva vuodelta 2022.

Salla Palmi-Felin, Director of Library Services, received the 2022 season tickets from FC Lahti players.