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Cineast Streaming Service Now Available at Lastu Libraries

The Lastu libraries have acquired Cineast, a film streaming service. The service is free of charge for library patrons. However, a Lastu library card is required. You can log in to the service with your library card number and PIN code.

At the moment, the Cineast collection has more than 1500 films for adults and children, and new films are added to the collection every week. The versatile collection has films from several countries, including Finland, and documentaries, too. The collection has plenty of films for children. The service has an age limit verification system, which prevents children from watching a film rated above their age limit. 

It is possible to browse the collection via menu options, for example by genre, language, year or age limit. You may also use keywords to search for films. The front page shows a number of recommended films. Among these are films from different genres and films by some notable directors.

You can log in to the service at You may borrow five (5) films per month. A film that has been borrowed is available for 48 hours. During this time you can watch the film as many times as you want. The service is available via the web browser or by downloading the Cineast mobile app from your mobile device’s app store. The films can be watched on television with Chromecast or Apple TV AirPlay.

Stream movies with your libary card.
1) Get started. Go to on your computer or tablet and select your library.
2) Pick a move. Confirm the loan with your library card number and pin.
3) Enjoy the movie. Your loan is now activated, and you can start enjoying the movie, available for 48 hours.