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Sound Proof Working Space Available at Nastola Library

The Nastola Library has acquired a Framery office pod, a soundproof working booth. The office pod is meant for no more than two people at a time and it is meant for patrons wishing to have a quiet place to work or study. The space may be used during the library’s service hours and also during the self-service hours.

How to reserve the sound proof space

You can use the sound proof working space after you have reserved it via the Timmi booking system. To use the space during the library’s self-service hours you have to first access the library with your library card and PIN code.

You can reserve the sound proof space via the Timmi booking system. You can log in to the Timmi system with e-identification or with your library card and PIN code. Using the system is simple. However, you can ask the library’s customer service for help and guidance in making a reservation.