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National E-Library Service is Open, and Now Ready to Use

National E-Library opened on April 29, 2024 and it's now available to library customers.

The National E-library is a joint service for Finnish municipalities. It is provided by the National Library of Finland together with Finnish public libraries. Via this service customers can borrow e-books, e-audiobooks and Finnish digital journals. New material is being added to the E-library all the time. So, there will be something new to read and listen to every week.

The E-library is available through an E-library application, which can be installed on mobile devices. E-library applications can now be downloaded from app stores. The service is safe and free of charge. To register in the service for the first time, strong authentication is required. You need Finnish bank credentials to use the service.

Read more about the National E-library from National Library of Finland's website.

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