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The Main Library Auditorium out of Service from August, 2023

The Main Library Auditorium will be out of service as of August, 2023 because there are damages in the space that may cause harm to people’s health. Therefore, the space needs to be renovated. The rest of the library building can be used as before. However, basic renovations in the whole Main Library will begin no later than 2028. Before that, there will be measures to make the use of the library safe.  

- When planning library events for the autumn, we have already taken into consideration that the Auditorium cannot be used. Events will be organized on a smaller scale in other library spaces. We will also try to provide normal service to groups from schools, says Salla Palmi-Felin, Director of Library Services.

Jussi Hietala, an indoor air expert at Lahti Tilakeskus (City’s property management, construction and maintenance services), says that a comprehensive dampness and indoor air survey has been conducted to form the foundation for the Main Library renovation project.
- Based on the statement by the health control authorities, there are damages that cause various kinds of health risks in different parts of the building.  

According to Hietala, damages that cause health risks can be found especially in the Auditorium, where damage caused by microbes has been detected on the floor. Therefore, the use of the Auditorium was already scaled down during the spring of 2023. According to the estimate of the Occupational Health Services, exposure to the materials in the Auditorium causes a moderate risk to the health.  

- In other parts of the building, possible health problems may be caused by sources of mineral wool fibres left unprotected in the structures and in the ventilation system.  Microbes in the lower parts of the exterior walls may also cause problems. However, according to the estimate of the Occupational Health Services, the significance of these factors to people’s health is slight, Hietala points out. 

The City’s Indoor Air Group has decided to set up a special Main Library indoor air working group. 

Lahti Tilakeskus is taking action to reduce, limit and eliminate the factors causing harm to people’s health. In 2023 and by the summer of 2024 measures will be taken to make using the Main Library facilties safer, for example by controlling the building pressure, by making ventilation more efficient and by carrying out structural repairs in necessary places. The basic renovation will begin no later than 2028.  

Additional information 

Lahti Tilakeskus, Jussi Hietala, indoor air expert,, 044 482 6222   

Salla Palmi-Felin, Director of Library Services,, 050 559 4098 

Lahti City Indoor Air Policy (in Finnish):