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Self-Service Library Rules in Lahti City Library

You will be permitted to use the self-service libraries in Lahti when you obtain a LASTU library card. This permission is personal to the card holder. 

When receiving the library card, you agree to follow the self-service library rules. 

Becoming a self-service customer

  • As a self-service customer you need a library card and a PIN code. (Do not tell anyone your PIN code.)
  • You can get a library card at any public library in Lahti. Take a photo ID with you.

What you can do during self-service hours

  • You can borrow and return material by using the library’s self-check-out and return stations. 
  • You can use the library’s public computers, read newspapers, magazines and books and use the library as a space for working.
  • The library has a wireless Internet network, which allows you to use your own devices.
  • The multifunctional device in the library is not available for scanning, copying and printing during self-service hours.
  • Different associations and organizations may hold meetings in the library. All participants must log into the library with their own cards.

Under 15-year-old customers

Those who are under 15 years old will only be allowed to start using a self-service library with the consent of a guarantor/guardian who is registered in the library system. The consent is recorded in the system while the guarantor is present. The guarantors must prove their identity. The guarantor is responsible for the use of a library card granted to someone less than 15 years of age and for the possible misuse of the library during self-service hours. 

How to access the library

  • Place the library card on the card reader outside the library and enter your PIN code in the reader.
  • After that the door is unlocked but at every library the door does not open automatically.
  • At the Kärpänen Library the PIN code must be typed at the library door as well.
  • The automatic doors close with a delay so that even those who move slowly have enough time to get in and out easily.
  • Make sure that the doors get locked and that no outsiders enter the library.
  • You are responsible for the actions of those you have allowed to enter the library.

Things to remember

  • When the library’s service hours end, you must go to the front door and log into the library.
  • Notice that the toilets may be situated outside the door equipped with a card reader. If you go to a toilet, remember to take your library card with you to access the library again.
  • When you leave the library, make sure that no one gets in and that the doors are locked.
  • A door that has been left open will cause an alarm at the security company. You are responsible for false alarms and liable to pay damages for them.
  • For emergencies the library has an alarm switch. If an alarm is set off, a security guard will come to check the situation.
  • Notice that the libraries have recording camera surveillance.
  • Those who misuse a self-service library may be banned from using the library.