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Meeting Rooms

The Lastu libraries have spaces for group meetings.


A quiet reading room which can be reserved for meetings. There are 10 seats.

Additional information and reservations

tel. 044 7780741


The Lahti Main Library has two meeting rooms, Kaarna and Tuohi. The meeting rooms are available during the Library’s opening hours. The rooms have to be reserved in advance for a minimum of one hour. The meeting rooms are free for non profit use. The meeting rooms are not available for profit making activities.

The Kaarna Meeting Room

  • for 12 people
  • a computer, data projector, flip chart and overhead projector

The Tuohi Meeting Room

  • for 9 people
  • a data projector

Food and drink services can be ordered from the MeaManna Library Cafeteria, tel. 050 533 9550, email:

Additional information and reservations:

Jari Tyrväinen, tel. 050 5594097

(Susanna Partanen, alternate, tel. 044 4164954)

For bigger events it is possible to rent the Lahti Main Library Auditorium.

Lahti Branch Libraries

Branch library spaces can be used free of charge by societies, clubs and other groups – mainly outside normal opening hours. To use one of the branch libraries, an agreement has to be made with the library in question.

The spaces may not be used for business or commercial activities.

For additional information contact the branch in question.

Ahtiala Library: A special multi-purpose space, tel. 044 4163525

Kärpänen Library: A special multi-purpose space, tel. 044 4163512

Laune Library: tel. 044 4163513

Mukkula Library: tel. 044 4163529

Nastola Library: tel. 044 7909336

Renkomäki Library: tel. 044 4163515