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Group Work Spaces


From the first of June the meeting rooms and group study rooms can be reserved as usual. However, they are only open to a limited number of people at a time: the Tuohi meeting room and Puru and Pilke study rooms to two people and the Kaarna meeting room to three people.

The Main Library group work spaces (Pilke and Puru) can be used for group work and small meetings. Library events, such as reading circles, are also organized in these rooms.

Rules of use:

  • The group work spaces are meant for 1-6 people. The spaces may be reserved for three hours a day free of charge.
  • You may only have one reservation at a time.
  • When the spaces have not been reserved, they can be used by anyone. In that case the door has to be kept open.
  • If the group that has reserved the space does not arrive within 15 minutes of the beginning of their time slot, the reservation is cancelled.
  • Using the group work spaces may not disturb other patrons. The spaces are not meant for teaching, meeting clients or commercial events.

Reservations are taken at the Main Library information desk, tel. 044 4163519, email

Quiet Space

The Lahti Main Library has a quiet space for studying and working.  Using computers or mobile devices is not allowed in this space.

If you need to have a room for a longer period of study, the Library also has study rooms that can be rented. Additional information: