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The Lahti Main Library has a 157-seat Auditorium that can be rented for public events, meetings and educational events. The Auditorium can only be rented during the Library's opening hours. The Auditorium cannot be rented on Sundays and on summer Saturdays when the library is operating on a self-service basis.

The Auditorium has to be reserved at least half an hour before the beginning of the event for necessary arrangements. The event must end half an hour before the closing time of the library.

There is space for two wheelchairs in the Auditorium.

The organizer of an event has to see to it that the maximum amount of people allowed in the Auditorium (157) is not exceeded.

Rent and other fees

0,5 hours 40 €

1-2 hours  80 €/h

3-5 hours  70 €/h

6 hours or more  60 €/h

In addition, other organizers than city services have to pay a 24 % value-added tax.

For exceeding the reserved time slot an extra fee will be charged according to the prices mentioned above.

Tuning of the grand piano is done on request and costs 100 €.

The Library recommends that Auditorium equipment be used in events organized in the Auditorium. The staff can help with the Auditorim equipment but will not provide technical support if the event organizer wants to use their own equipment or programs.

Food and drink services can be ordered from the Library Cafeteria MeaManna, tel. 050 533 9550, email:

Food and drinks are served only in the Library Cafeteria (no food, coffee or other drinks service within the Auditorium).

Additional information:

Juha Sillanpää, tel. 050 559 4097

(Susanna Partanen, tel. 044 4164954)