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Return Area Renovation in the Lahti Main Library Delayed

Renovations in the Lahti Main Library return area began on December 13, 2022. A temporary return desk can be found in the lobby, near the front doors of the library. You can leave your returns at the temporary return desk. However, if you borrow material, renew your loans or pay library fees, you have to go to the customer service desks. Borrowing material is also possible by using the self-check-out stations.

As the renovation of the return area floor gets underway, there will be loud noise caused by this work. This kind of work will take place in the morning hours, between 6:00 and 10:00.  Generally, the renovation work takes place on weekdays between 7:30 and 15:00.

The renovation will not be completed as originally scheduled, for reasons such as delayed material delivieries. The renovation is expected to be completed by the turn of February and March.

The Main Library is open as usual during the whole renovation. Library visits by school classes and groups from day care centres are not recommended during the renovation process.

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