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Coronavirus Restrictions Lifted at the Libraries in Lahti

The coronavirus  restrictions that were applied at the Lahti libraries have been lifted. Library spaces are open to the public again. However, the spaces should not be crowded, and coronavirus safety tips should still be remembered. So, using hand sanitizer and a face mask is recommended.

Self-service libraries are also open on weekends from 2 October

Libraries equipped with self-service technology are open on weekends again. These libraries include: Ahtiala, Kärpänen, Nastola, Mukkula, Jalkaranta and Liipola. The self-service technology makes it possible to enter these libraries with a library card and a PIN code. The self-service hours are from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Self-service library customers are responsible for the actions of the people they have let in. You should not let other people enter a library with your library card.

We will follow the guidelines provided by The Päijät-Häme Welfare Group

The current estimate is that these recommendations and guidelines apply until 15 October but they can be changed earlier if there are changes in the epidemic situation.

Kuvassa kirjastolaisia, naisia ja miehiä vinkkausaineistot käsissään: kirjoja, elokuvia, pelejä.
Picture: We warmly welcome you to the library.