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Please come to the mobile library alone and only if you are healthy

For the time being, the mobile libraries Eepos and Pegasos operate as usual. To be able to continue serving our customers in the mobile library, we hope that you will cooperate with us.

The mobile libraries have a tight route schedule. To stay on schedule, we hope customers make their visits short. Our strong recommendation is that the material is reserved beforehand, and that the reserved material is then picked up from the mobile library. You can reserve material in the Lastu web library or by e-mail

We understand and are happy to know that visiting a mobile library is an important experience for the children of the family. In this situation, however, we hope that from each family only one person at a time would visit the mobile library. This is due to our health and safety policy and the tight route schedule.

It is important to remember:

  • visit a mobile library only if you are healthy
  • follow good hand hygiene practices
  • wear a mask, unless you have medical reasons not to do so
  • keep a safe distance

Welcome to the mobile library stops!

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Timetable Eepos (FIN)